Natural Mosquito Solutions

Are you a mosquito magnet? Do you think twice before going outdoors? We know how you feel. Mosquitos and midges (or no-see-ums) seem to be a part of life in Florida, but they don’t have to be. Our all natural mosquito treatments greatly reduce the number of mosquitos and midges around your home.
How does it work?
Like most of us, mosquito’s don’t like the heat very much. So, in the heat of the day they collect on the vertical surfaces of plants and trees around your home, where they feed on plant nectar for energy. Then they wait until the cool mornings and evenings to emerge and look for a blood meal so they can lay eggs. We identify all the areas in your property where mosquitos may be hiding. Then we treat those areas with our natural mosquito formula. Not only does it kill on contact, but the plants then absorb and retain the naturally repellant botanicals, making it an area other mosquitos don’t want to live or land on. And because it’s All Natural, you never have to worry that it’s safe for your family & pets.
Don’t let pesky Mosquito’s keep you from enjoying your beautiful outside living areas. After all, that’s why we live in Florida.