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You are what you eat!

Natural Lawn Fertilization you can trust.

We all know that if the human body does not get the right nutrients and vitamins in the right proportions, we would not feel or operate efficiently and we would be sick more often.

Your lawn is no different. Plants have the same needs as humans. Plants require, from a nutritional standpoint, a balanced diet applied in the right proportions. Using incomplete or low grade NPK fertilizers alone can weaken a plants immune system resulting in a lower survival rate during stressful conditions, such as abnormal climatic and/or temperature conditions. By feeding your lawn a complete, balanced diet of the best nutrients, it will be much less vulnerable to insects and fungus that can make it “sick”.

Enjoy a thick, soft, & healthy lawn with our standard program.


Complete Natural Feeding Program

Our program has been specifically engineered to give your lawn and ornamentals everything they need to be strong, healthy, and vibrant. With this in mind, we custom formulate our organic fertilizer blends to feed your plants a complete and balanced diet of the chelated major, secondary, and minor nutrients to keep them looking their best. We use only the highest quality nutrients available today. And literally, we start from the ground up. We use natural soil builders and conditioners that promote healthy soil structure and plants.

Landscape Insects

Total insect elimination is not desirable with any program because beneficial insects can be lost along with targeted pests. Our program is designed to manage the pests in the landscape to a desirable level that will keep plants (lawn, shrubs, & ornamentals) healthy but will not eradicate all pests.

We use all natural proprietary formulas that target pest insects that feed on and damage plants.

Weed Control

We eliminate weeds in your lawn with EPA Registered Reduced Risk post emergent herbicides. We do not use pre-emergent herbicides in our natural program. Weeds thrive in nutrient depleted soil. Our natural nutrition program rebuilds your soil and will encourage the turf to choke out most weeds.

Our program includes treating broadleaf, sedges, and grassy weeds in your lawn areas*.

Fungus & Plant Disease

There are many diseases and fungus that can occur in the landscape. We cannot guarantee that you will never get a disease or fungus while on this program. For instance, overwatering in the cooler months will encourage fungal growth. We use natural preventative products to help keep them from occurring and we will continue to monitor your landscape.


It cannot be overstated how important proper watering is to the overall health of your turf & plants. Without enough water, grass and plants cannot make enough food through photosynthesis. Drought stress weakens the plant to the point where other insects, like chinch bug, can kill the plant rather quickly. However, too much water can be just as bad and can damage plant roots which can impede water uptake in the plant. We recommend that you check your irrigation system yearly to make sure you are covering all areas of the grass sufficiently. Also, adjust your watering times and frequency based on the current weather conditions and your yards soil type.


It is important that you regularly maintain your lawn and plants to get the full benefits from this program. Proper lawn mowing and pruning plant material is essential and recommended to keep plants healthy. The recommended mowing height for St. Augustine grass is 3.5" to 4" tall. Never cut more than 1/3 of the grass blade each time you mow. Always use a sharp mower blade and it is best to cut the grass when it is dry.

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